Making Bacon More Delicious

As a BBQ enthusiast for over 20 years, I have cooked and experimented with all of kinds of marinades, sauces, and spice blends on just about any meat or veggie you'd throw on a smoker or grill. 

Ribs, pork butt, brisket, tri-tip, asparagus, artichokes, shrimp, lobster, the list goes on. 

Then there's bacon. 

Strips of Dr. Bacon O.G. Spice Rub Seasoned Bacon

Morning, noon, or night, bacon makes everything better. 

And years ago, I started a journey to make bacon better.

Like anyone driven to make a change, I started experimenting.

Smoking bacon a second time. Absolutely Wonderful!

Buying double-smoked bacon and smoking it again. Even better!

Marinating bacon. Totally unique and mighty tasty...but wasn't consistent.

Then I started seasoning bacon.

Really quite tasty, but oftentimes too salty.

I had to get mathematical on how to solve the equation of creating a spice blend that all bacon eaters would love and appreciate without an overly salty bite.

Formulas were logged. Seemingly endless batches were cooked. 

Test batches of Dr. Bacon O.G. Spice Rub
I landed on a unique blend of spices, chilies, and sugars, which add a spicy kick and enhance the savory depth of flavor unique to bacon, otherwise known as umami.

The result is similar to adding buffalo sauce to wings or honey roasting peanuts. Taking something great and making it that much better with a complementary flavor profile.

More and more samples were made and we needed honest feedback, so we hit the road to craft beer tasting rooms across San Diego, where folks appreciate flavor experimentation and are happy to share their honest opinions over a pint or three.

Pint of beer with strips of Dr. Bacon O.G. Spice Rub seasoned bacon

After an extensive, yet deliciously rewarding, sampling process to get the recipe into production, Dr. Bacon launched and soon after became available on the shelves and meat counters of specialty grocery stores around San Diego County from Point Loma up to Oceanside. (Now available in Glen Ellen and Pleasanton in Northern California!)


The buyers at the specialty grocers have been really open and supportive of Dr. Bacon. 

Internet trolls not so much. 

They posted, "Bacon is already good enough" and "Bacon don't need nothing". 

And that's OK. 

Dr. Bacon isn't for them.

Dr. Bacon is for you.

The adventurous ones who smoke pork belly burnt ends, season popcorn, and take pocket bacon to beer fests. 

Pork Belly Burnt Ends Seasoned with Dr. Bacon O.G. Spice Rub

Dr. Bacon is for the food driven backyard BBQ masters who glaze their salmon with bourbon, smoke their ribs low and slow, and wrap their beef tenderloins and scallops in thick-cut smoky strips of goodness.

Pork Baby Back Ribs Seasoned with Dr. Bacon O.G. Spice Rub

We'd love for you to read our unfiltered reviews to see how Dr. Bacon can add a little happiness to your morning, evening, or next afternoon get-together. 

As a small business, we appreciate your continued support and enjoy hearing from you!

Please contact us with any questions or recommendations: primary@drbaconhasthecure.com 



Dr. Bacon O.G. Spice Rub bottle in a kitchen in front of a tray of Dr. Bacon O.G. seasoned strips of bacon.