• Why is bacon so delicious? The unique salty, sweet and umami-rich harmony of flavors combined with rich protein and high fat content are fantastic when eaten alone or added to your favorite dishes.
  • What type of bacon is best? Much like pizza, it's all good, and up to personal preference. I prefer thick-cut to thin. Try local, artisanal bacon.
  • What is Dr. Bacon's preferred method of cooking bacon? In most cases, I prefer to cook thick cut and well seasoned bacon on a pellet smoker such as a Traeger at 225 degrees for around two hours. The fat absorbs both the flavors from the rub and the fired wood to create a truly craveable experience.
  • When can I expect my order? Your choice of carrier and distance from Dr. Bacon will determine transit time. Orders ship from Southern California within 24 hours of order during business days. Tracking will be provided via email upon completion of order. Contact us with any questions!
  • What foods besides bacon are better with DR. BACON O.G. THE ORIGINAL RUB FOR BACON? We've had great success cooking pork butts for pulled pork, pork ribs and pork belly in crowd favorites like Irish Nachos and pork belly burnt ends. Where our rub complements pork perfectly, please try other recipes like salmon, huevos rancheros and share your favorites.  
  • How do I contact Dr. Bacon? Email: primary@drbaconhasthecure.com or DM on Instagram @drbaconhasthecure with your recipe suggestions, questions or comments. Phone: 760-571-9099
  • Is Dr. Bacon really a Doctor? No, nor does he claim to be a medical professional of any sort. He has spent enough years examining how to make bacon better to be a doctor several times over. Please don't call him Mr. Bacon...
  • How can I carry Dr. Bacon in my specialty, grocery or BBQ store?  Please reach out Primary@drbaconhasthecure.com
  • What else would you like to know?